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All images from the Cassini-Huygens Mission by NASA, ESA, JPL

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B • OUT | LGBTQ Community App

Mark Willett, Founder and CEO, B • OUT

Planet of The Apps is available on Apple Music. © 2017 Apple. All rights reserved.

“Saturn’s UX design and art direction helped B • OUT get on Planet of the Apps on Apple Music.”

Forbidden Lover | Music Video

“If I had to describe Saturn, the only thing that comes to mind is Genie in a Bottle.”

Felipe Magalhaes, Performance Artist, Da CucKoo


We bring UX design and

innovations to all our projects.

Fort Lee Fire Department

“Saturn turned our stale fire department website into a resident-friendly experience worth visiting.”

Lane Goldstein, Fire Chief, Fort Lee Volunteer Fire Department


Saturn isn’t just an agency or a tool to help you grow, we are your business partner. Our Team is a group of young experienced multidisciplinary individuals who use our creative talents to bring compelling and memorable digital experiences to your customers. We focus intensely on the details and use design to solve complex business problems.


Our Branding and Marketing strategy are both inter-linked. Everything is designed to tell a linear narrative throughout the brand's presence. We take your existing or undeveloped brand and enter it into the ideal marketplace in monumental volume.


Our company culture is fiercely competitive, which is the driving force for true innovation. As a small agency, we keep things simple – yet effective. Our thinking is defaulted to be outside of the box. This brings deeper focus on our projects which let’s us create unique and polished end-products. Everything that we do has a well and defined intended purpose. We live at the intersection of humanities and technology. Welcome to Saturn.



Saturn is a complete full service solution for all your creative, marketing, and development needs. Partner with us and take advantage of our full suite of services.















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